Heading out to sea…

Another poetic inspiration of sorts.

The Moth Fallen Into the Sea

An odor has lighted against the hat,
a mixture of vagabond and body, a carrying
propellers that brings anger
responding the current of her silence full of honor
I’d do it for the kiss in which you enrich
for the veins of blue you’ve dedicated
a sterile mist day
Everything hairy with enduring voices, the salt of the river bank?
And piles of scrupulous bread in late afternoon
as if to pitty or attract or steal
indicates the film’s magnifying feet.

When you tread like horse showered by the fire
I’d do it for the river in which you discover.
For the dew of green you’ve excited!
I saw how bird feathers are entertained
by the sensible necklace.
My heart moves from being frightened to being aquatic.

A loaf of bread baked with lashed joy and salt
they punctured it with weak trees
Everything shaken with plumed voices, the salt of the quilt
and piles of iridescent bread among

They plagued it with boneless dew
they entangled it with melancholy moons
and the crown to its aspen
and among the stars in the sky
the steady one,
the one covered with charitable salt,
In your fingernails of animosity the vicinity of doves perch.