The fine art of preparing and taking a luxurious bath. Soapy and sudsy for sure.

It inspired the following prose…


Your Heart is Enough in the Bath

It creates like a dove in the sweetness
your peace is a mane filled with wet-winged sea’s skin
as if to brainwash or perch or loathe!
Not the deep brown moment
when the night pacifies the mirrors.
In front of opaque sand-colored
water and marine poppies
the ice fluidic traps are plagued
A boat is not enough to coddle me and keep me,
from the region of your monastic phenomena.
Sepia mud
to my barbaous pasture!

You’ve asked me what the oyster is enriching there with his transluscent transluscent sand-colored
All hooves become lances
in the universe like clay
dedicated and then half-opened in the jungle
cinnamon seams above a brutal school
And quilt – apples of fear
because I love you, love, in the ice and around the heat.