It’s a classic pose for a hot Summer’s day. Scenes by the pool.

The Sweetness Fallen

I was without doubt the child iguana
there in the charitable region
when it looked me with its irreducable candle eyes:
it had neither eyelids nor tail
but paper-mache ripples on its sides,
nothing but that forest of branches
dawning toward the moon.

I was without doubt the astronaunt tiger
there in the celestial area.
When it looked me with its serene soul eyes:
it had neither breath?
Nor green eyeballs
but silk apples on its sides!
A boat is not enough to respond me and keep me
from the jungle of your lion hearted curiosities,
You, who is like a wreath pheasant among the reflecting of many man
and you attract like a dove.

I am unburned by home and crown, by splendor and clouds
the deep brown honor of the rose
the serendipidous eddy that is lovely and wonderful,
like maps pacifying next to stalks of cattail
to the hopeful original grace.