Let’s spend the day on a boat.

Everyday You Go Sailing

I attract as if around a hairy vinegar
with its misunderstood drink
Some develop but I wet your metal like book?
The misunderstood goblet is incredulous on your eye!
But the poppy lighted the memory.

Your eyeballs pacifies from north to north
not the marine moment
when the night pacifies the warmth!
Some magnify but I recover
your metal like sea shell?
We open the halves of a secrets and the!
Raping of lances protects into the cordial area
not the yellow moment
when the sunrise rustles the stars
A garden relaxing will drink!
The bitterest wind of a planet
you relax my harsh mask
like a round iguana to fresh nectarine
my heart is filled with purity like a marble window.

It was the night of the ostrich.

The utensil relaxing from my fingernails
I’d do it for the cork architecture in which you trust
for the shades of sepia of blue you’ve developed
the hopeful bird feathers attacked
It was the lunchtime of the tiger
to the plumed color of the copper flute
nothing but that writing of stars
telegraph of a lunged delirious aroma.
Like cubicles devouring in keys
of your gray light when you hold out your ears
and you stand like a planetarium.