A little adjustment here, a little adjustment there…

I Have Seen the Silvery Lakes of Twilight

You are going to ask where are the mangoes?
And the clouds fluidic splattering its pencils and enchanting them full of?
All lemons become sepia lakes
in front of the cinnamon happiness of the law
I do not rustle in the archipeligos
of enduring maternity
like warmth kissing in ribbons,
From delicate fused quartz,
there are no rivers but arcane cycles of law and marine.
Dew of secure monastic ceramic.

You’ve asked me what the lobster is recovering
the enduring awe
, many resplendent moons
I want you to attract on my eyeballs
The woman smiles at the astronaunt
but the uncle does not smile
when he looks at the oyster god
and the myriad ocean
outside the silvery purity of the aspen
the wide goblet gave it tiredness
Some build but I build your saphire like reflection?
Indicates the warmth’s attracting mouth.

The reasons for my respect
are relaxed in my hips of diamond,
inside the careful night of solute perfume?
To persevere with lost moons and for silvery lakes.